Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soya de Longan Jelly

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I made a large batch of these little goodness for tomorrow's hot pot dinner! Invited lots of friends over and gonna get busy tomorrow, wrapping dumpling, making the tom yum soup base and all, so I better make this ahead of time and have them chilled well in the fridge. Just for the sake of blogging, I tried one of them. I love it!

This jelly cups reminds me a lot of my mum. She got all excited when she bought this soya bean maker and made tau foo fah and this soya bean cups at least once every fortnight. Probably now, she found new things that interest her and as far as I remember, the soya bean maker is placed right on top of the fridge and left to rot!

Anyway, having studied abroad, I learnt one thing and that is to want to eat your own favourite food and have cravings all the time is to learn to make it yourself! Your mum is not here!

I wanted to adapt the recipe from Hijack Queen but god knows what went wrong and I modified the recipe so much that I could call it Quinn's recipe now. However, Hijack Queen's post had been a good guide though and I love her photographing skills!

I needed 2 packet of the Swallow Globe brand jelly powder to set the whole thing. I guess it's because I used a different type of soya bean. In Australia, I can't find those pasar malam soya bean and tell them not to put any sugar in it. Just for you guys information, I used this brand of soya bean:

Anyway, here comes the recipe:

Portion A
100g of granulated sugar
2 sachets of Swallow Globe brand agar-agar powder (14g in total)
2 cans of water(Use the evaporated milk can to measure 2 cans)

Portion B
1 can of evaporated milk (I used Carnation, it's 375ml per can)
1 cans of water + 1/2 cup(125ml) water (Use the evaporated milk can to measure 2 cans)
3 cans of sweetened soya bean milk (Use the evaporated milk can to measure 2 cans)

1 can of longan in syrup, drained

1) Bring Portion A to boil over low heat.
2) Mix Portion B together in a large salad bowl.
3) Pour hot Portion A into Portion B and mix well.
4) Ladle into individual serving cups or bowl.
5) Drop two longans in each cups and chill at room temperature until partially set.
6) Transferred into fridge and chill well before serving at least for a couple of hours.


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7 comments on "Soya de Longan Jelly"

Hijackqueen said...

Ah, finally you make the jelly. Isn't it a waste to drained the lychee syrup? If I were you, I will substitute a cup of water with the syrup and reduce the sugar again. Lots of trial and error. lol. But yours definitely looks nice.

*steal a lychee, run & hide*

Quinn on June 25, 2008 at 12:56 AM said...

Hey....thanks for the suggestion. Really shouldn't have thrown the syrup....will cut down sugar and replace with syrup. I receive ravings about it. So refreshing after a heavy tom yam hot pot dinner. Yeah I agree, really lots of trial and error. I'm glad I found your recipe as a guideline, thanks again!

Ellena on June 30, 2008 at 6:37 PM said...

Wow..this sure look great to me... :) Quinn, does this taste sort of like the Almond Longan Jelly.....?

Quinn on July 1, 2008 at 9:24 PM said...

Hi Ellena!
This one has no sugar taste at all though I put in 100g sugar but they like it as it is. Maybe you can try twisting it with almond meal to turn it into almond longan jelly? I'm sorry but no one around me here likes almond taste. So I usually don't make things with almond in it. Do try at let me know! :)

mint said...

Hi, i wanna ask, whats the difference between the jelly powder and the jelly strips?

Quinn on September 21, 2009 at 2:43 PM said...


They are the same thing in the end. Jelly strips, you need to soak it in water before using else you'll find it hard to dissolve.

Jelly powder or agar-agar powder, you use it straight and it will dissolve, but will be a little cloudy if you're looking for transparent effect. Use instant jelly powder if you need something transparent to show what's underneath the jelly (could be arranged fruits and etc.)

Jelly strips and jelly powder are almost analogous to gelatine leaves and gelatine powder.


mint said...

Thank you very much for the explanation! And I enjoy your blog a lot, God Bless!

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