Monday, July 21, 2008

Milo Agar-Agar

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I made Milo agar-agar simultaneously with my sisters last Sunday. It was probably a hell lot of fun for them but I was doing it alone so not much of a fun eh? More of homesick actually.

The jelly turned out well but if you were to ask me to make it again, I will not. I just don't quite like the combination. I eat it for the sake that it eases my constipation. Also, it's not too sweet as I substituted rock sugar in place of white sugar.

And I've got problem with the weather! I started making the milk layer. When I was about to scratch the top surface of the Milo with a fork, they were all almost hardened. And it had been just sitting there for 5mins! It's winter now so it gets chilly all day and all night.

Nonetheless, they stick beautifully and tasted alright. Too bad for my sisters. I heard hers was a total failure. Not sweet and bla bla bla. And only 2 were eaten since the day she made it. For me, I've only got 2 left on the fridge since the day I made them.

I poured the milk layer over the Milo ones after scratching them with fork. I did not spoon them over lightly with a tablespoon whatsoever. I need to work quickly due to the weather issue you see. I suppose that's what causes some Milo to splatter over to the milk layer (See picture above). Not much of damage done. It still look beautiful to me!

The recipe was generously shared by Elyn from e's joie. Hers of course look way better compared to mine. I won't wanna compare myself to Elyn for she's a better baker than I am. I also had bookmarked one of her other recipe, the Honey Cornflakes Mini Cups. Will do them soon when I have the time. I have so much cornflakes rotting in the fridge. Also, my landlord gave me so many little mini muffin liners that I dunno what to do with them. You people will probably be seeing so many little mini stuffs soon enough here, hehe!

Meanwhile, I do hope you all will make this with your family. It's gonna be fun! Note that I followed Elyn's recipe and proportion exactly as it is. The only change I made was to use rock sugar.

Happy Jellying!

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Milk Custard Bun II (Sweet Potato Skin)

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Just by looking at the messy counter, I suppose everyone could figure out this is another post of the Nai Wong Bao. I like it so much that I never get bored eating the same thing over and over again. I think I've come to a stop in making bun. I've obtained the pao skin that I wanted :)

It is soft, a little on the chewy side, a little fluffy and deliciously moist. The secret to this lies in the use of sweet potato in the skin! I used the sweet potato bun recipe from Eat First Think Later. She makes them for Ching Ming but I suppose I could make them just for leisure eating right?

However, I was pretty unsure about the amount of sweet potato used. I used about slightly less than 500g for one of her recipe and it turned out alright. No cracks on my buns at all.

I used one of her recipe and 2 recipes of my previous milk custard bun filling. I yield 35 buns in total. Each dough weigh about 45g each this time.

I also made one other change in the filling, and that is I omitted the salted egg yolks. They still turned out equally delicious and I still managed to roll them into nice round balls. The trick is that it is sticky when it's hot from the steamer. It gets easier to handle upon cooling.

I roll them together and pinch to seal.

Cooking time is still the same, HIGH HEAT for 5mins. No need to wait for an hour before steaming though because the sweet potato skin has been left to proof for an hour before rolling into thin rounds.

We yield one tray full of the buns. Beautifully sitted next to each other, each yellowish in colour.

And another tray full of the buns. So many of them... No one's complaining though!

This time around, we made some little designs on each and every bun. We used toothpick to trace the patterns on the bun. After steaming, the design became even more obvious! The one above is a pair of a sweet couple holding hands! That's done by me!

I did this little umbrella too!

And I did the love cupid too!

The piggy on the left and the hedgehog were made by Monique.

We have alphabets buns, each alphabet representing our initials.

This HOT was made by Tata.

The very creative me used a pair if clean scissors and randomly made some cuts on the bun. The orangy patch here and there are the unmashed sweet potato.

That's Q for Quinn. Do you see it....

One last masterpiece by me, a little daisy.

Enough post for today.
Try making it.
If not, just make the bun itself. It tasted good all by itself.

Did I mention the little brown patch you see on the daisy flower bun is actually kaya filling. I made 32 milk custard balls filling and used some homemade kaya to fill up the leftover 3 or 4 bun. No post on kaya because it tasted good, however looked really fugly!

Bon Appetit!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Pizza Night

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Tata, my house mate wanted pizza for dinner so we started off making our own pizza base from scratch. I found one recipe here which is definitely a keeper. It lets you make pizza from scratch even though you're in a hurry. Proofing time only takes about half an hour unlike other pizza base that needs you to let it sit for an hour, punch down and knead and proof and punch n knead again before baking.

The only modifications I made were; I used 2 tsp of sugar instead of 1 tsp AND I used a 7g per sachet of yeast instead of 8g. I covered the bowl with a layer of cling wrap and a damp cloth over it.

This is how it looked like before proofing.

And after 30mins,

Punch it down and knead it gently for a minute. I used the kneading method from It does not shows you any picture but they did gave a set of long ways of kneading, the right temperature to bake your pizza and topping suggestions.

I doubled the original recipe given from the website where I got mine and made my own topping. We think we would like to have a bread texture like pizza tonight rather than a classic thin crust.

If You decided you want a classic crust pizza, just make one recipe of the pizza base and roll to desired thickness. Makes one round 12 inch perfectly though.

We made one Hawaii chicken pizza. The sauce seen above is made from 1 over ripened tomato, mashed + 3 heaped tablespoon of any tomato pasta sauce + 1 tsp sugar. Warm that together over the stove and set aside until ready to use.

Also, for the border, we stuffed in cheddar cheese for the extra cheese flavour. We then topped up with some chicken pieces (one maryland, deboned, trimmed fats, steamed with a tablespoon of wine until cooked) and pineapple.

The one seen above is Seafood pizza. I used Thousand Island sauce and mayonnaise as base. I then spread chopped crabsticks, chunks of tuna with mayonnaise, pineapple and sliced button mushroom.

For both pizza, I spread a layer of Mozarela cheese first after I spread the sauce. Mozarella cannot be spread last as it will dry up and looses its elasticity that we want. I spread lots of Parmesan and Cheddar cheese when I'm done spreading all the topping ingredients.

They tasted awesome. The four of us can't finish 2 large pizzas! Will deinetely make this over and over again if I have crave for pizza anytime, any hour. Just gotta make sure my house is loaded with instant dry yeast though, haha!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sago Pudding

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I crave sago pudding so so much like two days back that I told myself I need to make these ASAP. I have all ingredients needed in my kitchen anyway. The palm sugar left from making ondeh ondeh is begging to be grated. The coconut milk is luring me each passing day.

Only 3 simple ingredients needed to make the sago pudding. They are sago, palm sugar and coconut milk. If you consider water as an ingredient itself, four then.

Recipe as below (makes 12 mini muffin size pudding):

1 cup scant of sago (tapioca pearls)
One big pot of water (The more the better)
Gula Melaka (Palm sugar)
Coconut milk

I did the sago the Precious Moment way.

Once I'm done draining the sago (if still a little sticky, it's okay), I poured one heaped tablespoon of the cooked sago into 12 holes of mini muffin tray, divided equally.

I then let it chill in the fridge for about 3 hours.

I then proceed to grate about a handful of gula melaka (size of pingpong balls, 3 balls altogether) and add about 5 tbsp of water in it. Then, microwave it on HIGH for 30secs or until all sugar dissolved. Chill this in the fridge too.

I used coconut cream from can because I couldn't find fresh coconuts.

Upon serving, run a plastic knife through each little puddings and turn them onto a serving platter. Drizzle in as much coconut cream and sugar mixture to taste.


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Monday, July 14, 2008

Rosti (Potato Pancakes)

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I made half of this recipe. Thanks to Amanda & Debbie from Exclusively Food.I however omitted the egg and replace that with Parmesan cheese to bind everything together. Verdict? It was good and delicious but a tad too oily. I used kitchen towel to absorb as much oil as possible.

I also added in a little curry powder for the spicy sensation.

Will do this again with leftover dunno-what-to-do potatoes!

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Nai Wong Bao (Custard Bun)

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I made some of these with my housemates, Monique and Tata last Saturday. They were pretty good but I must say there's room for improvement for the pau skin. However, the filling was really good. It called for a long list of ingredient but it was really worth the effort. I got the filling recipe from notes from my food diary. I included the cooked salted yolks (mashed) in as well as I've once tried this type of sweet-savoury pau in Hong Kong and many dim sum restaurants. I was told the original true custard bun has salted duck egg yolks in it.

Also, I dunno bout Eliza (the owner of the blog of notes from my diary) but I managed to roll the fillings into 16 equivalent size balls. They were hot and sticky once they came out from the steamer. I stir it well, and form 16parts with 2 spoons. When its thoroughly cooled, I rolled them into balls with hand. Also, they do stick to the spoon a little but they do not stick to SPATULA! Surprise me!

Perhaps its the addition of salted egg yolks. Its oily in nature so it helped ease the stickiness a bit. I don't wanna doubt Eliza for she is a better baker and cook than I am but Eliza, if you happen to read this, maybe try stirring with spatula and chill the filling well to room temperature before rolling into balls? Just a suggestion.

Saw the filling ball on right hand side? I wish it could be a tad more orangey in colour.

Supposed to let it rice in a scalloped mould for it to achieve that roundish shape I think. But this is optional. I've tried using and not using. No difference at all!

When I was letting the pau to proof for an hour before steaming, it really looked as if it will taste so good you know. I mean for real, just look at it. The skin look so good....

These are a tray of paus placed on baking paper with no scalloped mould.

These are some with scalloped mould.

The finished pau after steaming on high heat for 5 mins looks like this.

The recipe for the skin (makes 16 buns) :

300g Pau flour (Cake flour or plain flour also can)
1 tsp active dry yeast
130ml water
65g white sugar
10g shortening (replace with vegetable oil or thickened cream if you want pau to last a few days longer and still remain fluffy )
1/2 tsp pandan paste

Mix the pandan paste into the water and stir well.

Mix that with everything else except the shortening.

Once everything form a smooth dough, knead in the shortening.

Then, weigh out 16 equal pieces. (I got 32g of dough each)

Roll in a manner where the center will be thicker than the sides.

Place the filling in and pleat or just pinch everything to seal.

Leave to proof for an hour in a warm environment before steaming the paus on high heat for 5mins.

Serve warm.

I think my dough wasn't good because I COMPLETELY LEFT OUT THE SHORTENING! I just forgot to, very careless of me. However, I'll repeat this recipe again with a different pau skin but the same filling (omitting the salted yolks to see whether it is sticky or not). No one says no to paus here, haha!

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Mindanao Mango Pudding

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I made this today and I'm happy with the results. This was given to me by a Phillipine maid, Janet sometime back. It's very creamy and rich. Recipe as follow:

1/4 cup of cold water
15g of gelatine powder

Mix those two ingredients together and let gelatine blossom for 5mins. Then add in 1/4 cup of water + 50g white sugar into the blossomed gelatine mixture. Pop that in the microwave on HIGH, 30secs.

300g of pureed mango (I cheated and used canned mango slices, sum up to 280g only after having drained the syrup)
200ml of thickened cream
50ml of full cream milk

Mix the three ingredients together and pour that into the slighlty cooled gelatine mixture. Stir to evenly mix everything.

Pour everything into a wetted 7 inch round pan and pop that into the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

VERDICT : It was very very yummy and could have tasted even better if fresh mangoes were used instead.

This is the last slice and it's going into my stomach now!

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Steamed Pandan Huat Kueh

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I actually made some of these some time back. I didn't exactly made this for myself. I don't especially fancy eating it. It's just too plain and tasteless. I made this for my landlord's grandchild, little Eric. I adapted the recipe from Cheery. I added an extra 1 tsp of pandan paste.

If you were to ask me what it tasted like, I'll honestly tell you I did not like it. Probably cuz I used orange flavoured Eno? Erm, I think even if I were to use Pandan Flavoured Eno (exist or not?), it wouldn't taste any much better.

Oh well, for a boy with so much allergy, I suppose this would taste really good for him.

You could see some of them collapsed. That's cuz I refuse to understand what's stated on her blog and many many other people's blog, DO NOT OPEN THE LID WHEN BAKING!!!!
I dunno really why I opened them. Just wanna check on them? Oh well!

I think it's the addition of Eno fruit salt that makes it open up. You cannot adapt the oiled spatula method here because the batter is way too watery.

This is how ugly it looked when collapsed. The left one was very light and fluffy whereas the right one taste like rice cake, dense and packed.

I won't make this again. Even if I'm married and need to do prayers, I won't serve this to God. It's not nice, I suppose God won't like them anyway. I'll serve them my favourite stuff. Durians, Mango, McD, KFC and many food that I could walloped down after praying. See? Nothing goes to waste!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

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Made half of this recipe yesterday. This recipe is originally from Delia (dunno who's that but thanks a lot, your name's been mentioned in so many blogs!). Thanks to thelazychef for posting the recipe. I baked this for a friend of mine. Supposingly should be meeting her today but I was too busy to make it to the city and hence, she came over to collect it. I do hope she like it. I used canola oil instead of butter to obtain a more moist an fluffy cake.

It was rather simple. I have in a large bowl:

2 large eggs, beaten
200ml of evaporated milk
187g of canola oil
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 tso of vanilla essence

In another bowl, I have:

110g of plain flour
60g of cocoa powder
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp of baking soda

I mixed and sift the dry ingredient together and stir that into the wet ingredient (well mixed before hand of course!). I also added 2 tbsp of milk to the batter before baking because everyone seemed to be getting runny bater except for me. Probably cuz I pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients rather than what other blogs have done (They poured wet ingredients into dry ingredients).

Then I pour this into a 9 inch springform pan, base and sides lined, outer part wrapped in a layer of cling wrap and a layer of aluminium foil to prevent water from seeping in or batter from seeping out! I then cover the top surface of the batter lightly with a piece of aluminium foil before covering it with the wok lid. This is to prevent water from the lid from dropping back into the batter.

I steamed it on medium heat for 45mins.

I did not use the chocolate topping recommended as I prefer a chocolate fudge topping that will set rather than a sauce-like one. I used the chocolate topping from my other steam chocolate cake recipe. It was a favourite because it uses no cream (something I not always have in my kitchen).

Then, I decided to give it a spiral pattern. I was rather busy though but my friend, she likes seeing those spiral pattern you know so I decided to do a quick one. Pardon me if it turns out ugly. Just in case anyone wanna know, this is how I do it.

I melt some white chocolates and put it in a baking paper to form a piping bag

Then I pipe spiral shape in a form of concentric circles from centre outwards.

I keep drawing many round lines. Doesn't really matter if they overlap each other slighlty.

When we think we have enough lines, we stopped piping and using a toothpick and a wet cloth, draw 4 lines inwards from the outermost circles towards centre.

That's first line drawn. Repeat another 3 times until you get this:

Not quite done yet. Next, we draw another 4 lines from centre outwards. Draw these 4 lines in between each two inwards lines.

Repeat until 4 lines finishes and there you go your final product!

Chill it well before unmoulding. I do hope my friends will like it.

That's it!

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