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Milk Custard Bun II (Sweet Potato Skin)

Posted by Quinn at Monday, July 21, 2008

Just by looking at the messy counter, I suppose everyone could figure out this is another post of the Nai Wong Bao. I like it so much that I never get bored eating the same thing over and over again. I think I've come to a stop in making bun. I've obtained the pao skin that I wanted :)

It is soft, a little on the chewy side, a little fluffy and deliciously moist. The secret to this lies in the use of sweet potato in the skin! I used the sweet potato bun recipe from Eat First Think Later. She makes them for Ching Ming but I suppose I could make them just for leisure eating right?

However, I was pretty unsure about the amount of sweet potato used. I used about slightly less than 500g for one of her recipe and it turned out alright. No cracks on my buns at all.

I used one of her recipe and 2 recipes of my previous milk custard bun filling. I yield 35 buns in total. Each dough weigh about 45g each this time.

I also made one other change in the filling, and that is I omitted the salted egg yolks. They still turned out equally delicious and I still managed to roll them into nice round balls. The trick is that it is sticky when it's hot from the steamer. It gets easier to handle upon cooling.

I roll them together and pinch to seal.

Cooking time is still the same, HIGH HEAT for 5mins. No need to wait for an hour before steaming though because the sweet potato skin has been left to proof for an hour before rolling into thin rounds.

We yield one tray full of the buns. Beautifully sitted next to each other, each yellowish in colour.

And another tray full of the buns. So many of them... No one's complaining though!

This time around, we made some little designs on each and every bun. We used toothpick to trace the patterns on the bun. After steaming, the design became even more obvious! The one above is a pair of a sweet couple holding hands! That's done by me!

I did this little umbrella too!

And I did the love cupid too!

The piggy on the left and the hedgehog were made by Monique.

We have alphabets buns, each alphabet representing our initials.

This HOT was made by Tata.

The very creative me used a pair if clean scissors and randomly made some cuts on the bun. The orangy patch here and there are the unmashed sweet potato.

That's Q for Quinn. Do you see it....

One last masterpiece by me, a little daisy.

Enough post for today.
Try making it.
If not, just make the bun itself. It tasted good all by itself.

Did I mention the little brown patch you see on the daisy flower bun is actually kaya filling. I made 32 milk custard balls filling and used some homemade kaya to fill up the leftover 3 or 4 bun. No post on kaya because it tasted good, however looked really fugly!

Bon Appetit!

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