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Nai Wong Bao (Custard Bun)

Posted by Quinn at Monday, July 14, 2008

I made some of these with my housemates, Monique and Tata last Saturday. They were pretty good but I must say there's room for improvement for the pau skin. However, the filling was really good. It called for a long list of ingredient but it was really worth the effort. I got the filling recipe from notes from my food diary. I included the cooked salted yolks (mashed) in as well as I've once tried this type of sweet-savoury pau in Hong Kong and many dim sum restaurants. I was told the original true custard bun has salted duck egg yolks in it.

Also, I dunno bout Eliza (the owner of the blog of notes from my diary) but I managed to roll the fillings into 16 equivalent size balls. They were hot and sticky once they came out from the steamer. I stir it well, and form 16parts with 2 spoons. When its thoroughly cooled, I rolled them into balls with hand. Also, they do stick to the spoon a little but they do not stick to SPATULA! Surprise me!

Perhaps its the addition of salted egg yolks. Its oily in nature so it helped ease the stickiness a bit. I don't wanna doubt Eliza for she is a better baker and cook than I am but Eliza, if you happen to read this, maybe try stirring with spatula and chill the filling well to room temperature before rolling into balls? Just a suggestion.

Saw the filling ball on right hand side? I wish it could be a tad more orangey in colour.

Supposed to let it rice in a scalloped mould for it to achieve that roundish shape I think. But this is optional. I've tried using and not using. No difference at all!

When I was letting the pau to proof for an hour before steaming, it really looked as if it will taste so good you know. I mean for real, just look at it. The skin look so good....

These are a tray of paus placed on baking paper with no scalloped mould.

These are some with scalloped mould.

The finished pau after steaming on high heat for 5 mins looks like this.

The recipe for the skin (makes 16 buns) :

300g Pau flour (Cake flour or plain flour also can)
1 tsp active dry yeast
130ml water
65g white sugar
10g shortening (replace with vegetable oil or thickened cream if you want pau to last a few days longer and still remain fluffy )
1/2 tsp pandan paste

Mix the pandan paste into the water and stir well.

Mix that with everything else except the shortening.

Once everything form a smooth dough, knead in the shortening.

Then, weigh out 16 equal pieces. (I got 32g of dough each)

Roll in a manner where the center will be thicker than the sides.

Place the filling in and pleat or just pinch everything to seal.

Leave to proof for an hour in a warm environment before steaming the paus on high heat for 5mins.

Serve warm.

I think my dough wasn't good because I COMPLETELY LEFT OUT THE SHORTENING! I just forgot to, very careless of me. However, I'll repeat this recipe again with a different pau skin but the same filling (omitting the salted yolks to see whether it is sticky or not). No one says no to paus here, haha!

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4 comments on "Nai Wong Bao (Custard Bun)"

eliza on August 5, 2008 at 2:09 PM said...

hi Quinn! i'm back from vacation and finally read your comment in my blog. thanks for the suggestion, i'd love to make this pao again in the future and will implement your idea :D

Quinn on August 5, 2008 at 8:14 PM said...

Hi Eliza, thanks for visiting too! I've made this again with a different pao skin and it was really good. And the filling was superb as usual. Thanks for being so generous to share the filling recipe with us. Do try chilling well before rolling into balls and stir with spatula instead of spoon! Worked fine! Good day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Quinn,
I am browsing around for Nai Wong Bao filing recipe. I found your site but didn't see Eliza's recipe for the filling. Can you post it on your site?

Quinn on April 1, 2009 at 10:06 PM said...

Dear anonymous, i

I did link Eliza's egg custard bun page here because I used the exact same recipe so I find no such need to recopy paste her recipe.

In my first paragraphy, if you click on the sentence "I got the filling recipe from notes from my food diary."; you will see what I mean.

I made up a recipe for corn custard pau filling. Will try it out and share as soon as I have the time.

Thanks for dropping by!

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