Monday, July 14, 2008

Steamed Pandan Huat Kueh

Posted by Quinn at Monday, July 14, 2008

I actually made some of these some time back. I didn't exactly made this for myself. I don't especially fancy eating it. It's just too plain and tasteless. I made this for my landlord's grandchild, little Eric. I adapted the recipe from Cheery. I added an extra 1 tsp of pandan paste.

If you were to ask me what it tasted like, I'll honestly tell you I did not like it. Probably cuz I used orange flavoured Eno? Erm, I think even if I were to use Pandan Flavoured Eno (exist or not?), it wouldn't taste any much better.

Oh well, for a boy with so much allergy, I suppose this would taste really good for him.

You could see some of them collapsed. That's cuz I refuse to understand what's stated on her blog and many many other people's blog, DO NOT OPEN THE LID WHEN BAKING!!!!
I dunno really why I opened them. Just wanna check on them? Oh well!

I think it's the addition of Eno fruit salt that makes it open up. You cannot adapt the oiled spatula method here because the batter is way too watery.

This is how ugly it looked when collapsed. The left one was very light and fluffy whereas the right one taste like rice cake, dense and packed.

I won't make this again. Even if I'm married and need to do prayers, I won't serve this to God. It's not nice, I suppose God won't like them anyway. I'll serve them my favourite stuff. Durians, Mango, McD, KFC and many food that I could walloped down after praying. See? Nothing goes to waste!

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