Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carrot cupcake

Posted by Quinn at Sunday, August 10, 2008

I did this carrot cupcakes for my friends, Kish, Jocelyn and Rachel. Come to think of it, they've been really nice to me. I've not been hanging out with them that often ever since my two new housemates came in. Just too busy you know....

I adapted the recipe from Exclusively Food. If you've been following my blog, you'll know following instructions is one thing I really need to learn. There's a reason when they say use crushed pineapple.

I used chunky bits and didn't bother to crush them and I omitted the cinnamon cuz I do not have any with me. I also omitted the cream cheese topping cuz I have no cream cheese in hand. Sigh...I might as well just use another recipe right? I should have used my old time carrot cupcakes. They were wonderful, very carrot-y and very yummy.

At least I've explored this recipe and I could tell you, my old recipe taste better. Well, that's my personal opinion. You could try both and let me know though, haha!

Will I make this again?

No I won't. Sorry Amanda & Debbie. The problem is not with you guys nor the recipe. I'm just not a fan of pineapple and I'll only bake things I think I'll like to other people rather than what other people like. I'm sorry I'm that evil.

However, you guys would be glad to know this is what Kish texted me :

Hey Quinn, thanks for the cupcakes. came out really well.

Oh well!

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