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Durian Custard Puff

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This was on my to-do-list long long time back. Finally did this! Unlike others, the filling inside this is custard-like. This does not use any whipping cream.

I did this using the dual temperature method where the first higher temperature was used to let the dough puff up as much as possible to form a cavity at the centre and the later lower temperature used to hold the puff in shape and further dry the inner of the puff.

This was 7mins into baking....

And 12mins into baking....

And 15mins into the baking. This is where I lower the temperature setting. Generally, the end result of the puff would be of this size.

What a beauty they are...all hollow inside. Nice....

After baking and left in oven with door ajar for 30mins!

I didn't snap any photo of the durian custard making process. Instead of slitting the puff in half, I piped the custard into the puffs.

The puffs all waiting to be filled with custard.

Just before I forgot, I got the puff recipe from Stephanie Jaworski. Stephy is such an excellent baker! Her puffs are really a tad different compared to stereotype cream puffs like those I made before. The dual temperature do help a little in getting a dryer puff.

As for the durian custard, I made it myself with guide from the custard powder sachet. They have instructions at the back. So, I made it and twisted it and got this:

2 cups of milk
35g white sugar
350g durian meat

Blend the above together and bring to boil over stove. Be sure to wet the pan first before pouring the mixture in. The milk will sclad in a dry hot pan!

10tsp custard powder (50g)
70ml cold milk

Mix the above two ingredients together.

When durian mixture starts to boil, lower the heat and give the custard mixture a good stir before pouring it into the durian mixture.

Keep whisking to remove any lumps where possible.

When custard thickens to a consistency desired, turn off the heat, and chill it in the fridge, preferably overnight for custard to totally take on the durian taste.

Pipe an hour before serving. General rule of thumb is that we pipe till we feel a pressure pushing back against our hand. But I felt that that was way too much. I would pipe a little less just now.
Also, I'm left with about scant half cup of the custard. But I found a good way to use up the leftover! You'll see what I did with the leftover in my next post!

Finally, the next time I make the custard, I would probably make just 3/4 of the recipe or just halve it.

Okay, good night people!

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