Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mars Bar Cheesecake

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As promised, this is Rachel's second birthday cake. Not much of a surprise because everyone expected this already. Sad to say, I screw up with the taste. The looks of it was pretty promising too. Waiters in Sofia's, they were very impressed but jokingly called me pirating their version of Mars Cake, haha! Mine is a cheesecake. Got this recipe from Woman's Weekly Magazine ages back.

You could easily google it but I'm not gonna make this again because I really don't think this tasted as awesome as it was mentioned in the magazine and many other blogs. The butterscotch barely taste like butterscotch and was not thick enough for spreading even after chilling. And I double the recipe for the butterscotch stated to make sure I have enough to fill in between and cover the top of the cake as well.

I smear the sides of the cake badly. Hence, the vanilla love letters are there for a reason. To cover up the unevenness of the sides. I always try to stock up love letters, sponge fingers and, dessicated coconut and chocolate rice whenever possible. These are good to use for cake sides if you happen to ripped the ganache and badly need to impress. These are way more convenient than using almond flakes and other crushed nuts.

Only lotsa pictures if you don't mind :=) . This cake is loaded with mars, butterscotch sauce and chocolate sauce. These are sandwiched between the cheesecake layers and also at the top of the cake.

I guess I could never go wrong with messy swirls like that. They are meant to look messy and the more uneven it is, the better it is.

I then arranged chopped Mars Bars on top of them nicely.

Maybe this picture looks clearer?

I end it with a drizzle of chocolate sauce to cover the whole cake. Just a light drizzle will do.

The cake really wasn't that bad, neither was it impressive as well. It was just okay, like plain alright. I cut down the sugar a little too. Some like it, some dislike it, I could see. Oh well, just can't please everyone!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

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