Monday, August 11, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Cuppies

Posted by Quinn at Monday, August 11, 2008

That's Rachel's Birthday cuppies that I made on Sunday night. It uses mini steam banana muffin as the cake base and just simple ganache as the topping. I then proceed to pipe the wordings on using the leftover Royal Icing from the chocolate moist cake.

For the mini steam banana, the steaming time was about 5-7 mins. I doubled the original recipe from Amanda's and made about 60 mini muffins. I used exactly one recipe of the simple ganache.

The eating part was a little messy though cuz I added too much cream to the chocolates. I just hate measuring sometimes!

I really love the 'COS' !

It actually says 'Rachel is 22 cos the cupcakes say so' but the tray couldn't fit 50muffins so I resorted to this. It took Rachel a while to figure out what's on the cake, poor her.

This is what we did with the leftover cuppies!

The moral of the story is to wait for the ganache to cool down before pouring over the muffins. I kinda made a mess and I didn't get the effect I expected. I'll probably just pipe them on next time.

Rachel's birthday is actually this Sunday, August 17. This is her surprise birthday cuppies. I'll make another one for her this weekend when we celebrate her birthday in Sofia this coming Sunday. She herself was generous enough to get us an ice cream cake from Wendy's. Rachel is probably the luckiest girl on earth to have 3 birthday cakes in a week!

Happy Birthday Rachel. Can't wait for this Sunday's big feast in Sofia!

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