Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Sue

Posted by Quinn at Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dear Lovely Sis,

With me being so far from you, I've nothing to give you except for this post and a virtual birthday cake for you. Well, not exactly virtual but you couldn't taste it so that's just too bad.

That's a Bailey's White Cake decorated with Jerseys Caramel and buttercream frosting. Looked like a sunflower, don't you think so?

I've savored a slice of cake on behalf of you and goodness gracious, it was awesome and terrific!

I've spent a lot of time working on the cake and the decorations. I do hope you like it. However, it wasn't really fun having to bake a birthday cake alone. It would have been great if you and Angie could be around as well to mess up my kitchen. I promise you I would so make up for your birthday when I'm back for holidays!

I shall end this post with no stereotype birthday song but a birthday poem which I thought really suits you. May all your journey in life and future undertakings be as easy as a piece of cake!

My Birthday Wishes For You

I am sending birthday wishes
from far across the miles
tied with lace and ribbons
my special birthday smile

Also hugs and kisses
wrapped in special prayers
happiness and laughter
joy beyond compare

Wishing you warm sunshine
each day when you awake
peace within and harmony
with every step you take

As you drift off in slumber
and nestle upon the clouds
know I am thinking of you
from way across the miles

by: anonymous

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