Monday, November 24, 2008

Durian Tiramisu

Posted by Quinn at Monday, November 24, 2008

I made this durian tiramisu from Aunty Yochana's recipe. I twisted it so much and yield a huge 10-inch round cake. This is a cake I bake to farewell Rachel & Jocelyn. They will be going back to Malaysia and by the time they are back to Aussie, I would probably be in a different part of Aussie already.

The cross section of my cake looks untidy and messy compare to that of Aunty Yochana. Hers are neat and tidy. Whatever it is, the taste was superb. That is all that really matters.

I used Hershey's chocolate for my chocolate fudge topping instead of Aunty Yochana's ganache. Due to the fact of me using light cream in the durian cheese layer, I compliment it back with an inch thick of sweet chocolate fudge. Overall, when you eat the whole cake (each and every layer) together, it is till not very sweet. So no worries for diabetics'!

The unmoulding was a little messy though. Because I used ready made sponge finger, I was unable to cover the gaps as close as those Aunty Yochana did with her sponge fingers. Hence, some of the chocolate topping oozes to the sides and fill up the gaps. I lightly greased the sides of the pan. Really did help a bit.

The inner sides of the ladyfingers were very messy because I was trying to swirl the chocolate topping and kept touching the sides by accident.

Mmmmmm....can't resist another cross section. It was too yummy. From bottom layer to top layer : chocolate cake, durian filling, sponge fingers, barely any durian filling, chocolate cake again, hardly noticeable durian filling and finally, an inch thich of chocolate fudge topping.

I counted 7 layers. However, the hardly noticeable durian filling probably could be ignored. All you could see from the pic is one fine white line. So, I shall call this a 6-layered durian tiramisu! Sounds tough to make! It's really pretty tough, to me.

A summary of what I did:

I bake chocolate mud cake from my Muddy Ice-Cream and I split it in halves when it's completely cooled. I did not do any trimming as I baked the cake in a 9-inch pan and assembled it in a 10-inch pan.

I then proceed to line the sides with the store bought Savoiardi fingers, trying to fill up as much gaps as possible.

I made the durian cheese mousse following Aunty Yochana's method. I should have separated this in 3 parts equally!

I assembled them in the above sequence and when the cake is throughly chilled, I made the chocolate topping from my other steamed chocolate cake and topped it up. Give it a swirl or two and pop it back into the fridge until serving time.


Two of my favourites combined in one cake. I always tend to bake what I like rather than focussing on what others really like, hehe.

That's it! Glad I'm back on track and in the mood to blog again. I'm done with exams. Currently waiting to graduate and working part time in a place called 'The Kitchen'. Working time is crazy! 4am till 8am everyday. But I have the rest of the day to sleep and blog so expect more updates from me from now on!

See ya!

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2 comments on "Durian Tiramisu"

Anonymous said...

i can't see the pics :(

Quinn on December 4, 2008 at 9:01 AM said...

I was in the midst of creating another blog for my cooking only and accidentally deleted all pictures on this post. Sorry but this one here is the only one that's left....It was very delicious if you are concerned bout the taste.

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