Monday, February 2, 2009

Double-Boiled Pear and Snow Fungus

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First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Gong Xi. Nah....not a very happy CNY for me actually. Many factors involved and plus the fact that I'll be flying back to Adelaide very soon, it dampens my CNY mood totally.

I was in Melbourne for a year before this and now, being in Adelaide is a whole new thing. I've to start all over again, creating a new community with housemates and colleagues and finding friends. I look forward to it and at the same time, I fear it. I fear for the worst housemates (I have bad experiences with housemates, very very bad I swear), I fear whether I could cope with my Masters course, I fear whether I'm even in the right field, I fear whether I've made the right choices in many many things.

Back to the blog post, I remember I made this for him on a rainy day where he had sore throat. It was pretty sore I remember when I looked into his badly-infected throat when I told him to give me a big 'Ahhhh'. He happily did and I noticed a couple of ulcers as well.

I was never taught by mum about any Chinese tonic drinks, its ingredients and its properties whatsoever. So, I relied on the Internet and realize there were many in my shoes. I found this site, Cuisine Asia and followed a recipe from there. Double-boiled pear and snow fungus dessert is able to cure sore throat and I reckon it totally fits into the picture as a comfort dessert on a rainy day.

I added candied wintermelon minus the goji berries. There were too little to pass around so in the end, it was just him and another friend helping themselves to it cuz they were both unwell. He obediently finished it for me. The pear was rather sweet when I took a bite before boiling it. However, the funny things is upon boiling and serving, the pear was rather sourish. I don't know whether any of its chemical properties changed or not but I reckon whatever goodness or extract would go into the liquid part so as long as he finish drinking it, it should be all alright.

I don't exactly remember whether his sore throat cured or not after having this but I woudn't mind having this as a leisure drink.

This is my last post until 11 Feb 2009. You might ask why such a particular date. This is the date I'll be flying back to Adelaide and be surrounded with loneliness again. I'll leave the extra recipes to blog later when I'm dying of boredom over there.

Until then, Happy Chinese New Year and God bless.

p/s: I remember the Halloween posts I promised. Coming soon!

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