Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My First Ever Halloween Cake!

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is it! I've been dawdling forever to post up my last year's Halloween Cake a.k.a. also my house mate's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Monique! Just in case you are wondering, the round whitish ball right next to the tomb is actually an eyeball but I clearly failed to frighten with that kind of effect.

Check out what the tombstone has to say about Monique. Pardon the slanted wordings. Need a lot of practising. The green dessicated coconut is supposed to look like a pathway. I then added oreo crumbs mixed with some cake crumbs from leveling the cake to form the tar surface with a humongous hand crawling from underneath.

I made the hand with marzipan and assemble the fingers separately and later use a fork to make the stitches. The blood is a result from diluted raspberry jam and a lil' red colouring.

I made a zebra cake for the cake base and use a chocolate topping from my other steamed cake.

Apart from the cake, we also cook Monique a rather decent dinner and not forgetting some dyed red eggs for her birthday. She reckons this is the most important thing for a Chinese birthday celebration. Looking at my eggs, I know I need a lot of improvement and look up pages like this one. Sheeesshhhh.... why have I not thought of vinegar! Anyhow, I still put up this ugly picture because I'm supposed to share my ups and downs in baking and cooking with you guys.

See, I actually made a couple of frightening eyes to choose from but sadly none of them look scary at all. Just in case any of you wanna know, I have an unfinished chocolate cake with ganache. I take all of it and simply mix it up to form a paste and later form a ball truffle like. Freeze it well and coat it with white buttercream or just white chocolates unless you want the smooth eye effect.
This is one mini ice-cream cake (I hate to call it a cake cuz it is not!) that we made for her to blow candles when the clock strikes 12.

This is how the top view of the cake look like before going into the oven. Can't resist to put it up cuz it look so artistic! Flaunt it!

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