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Individual Cream Caramel

Posted by Quinn at Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am so uptight!

Disciplining myself to study at my own pace and be all prepared when it's time for exam is killing me. My hands itched to whip up something in the kitchen to soothe myself and as a matter of fact, I did. But I couldn't even spare some time out to blog about it.

I have so many unblogged posts of stuffs I've made when I was in Melbourne and now that I am in Adelaide, I thought we could give way for this little sweethearts to surface first.

I made this in Adelaide but lost track of the exact date.

I made this on my own with no source whats over and yeah, it's really smooth and yummy.

Just a couple of notice though, if you were to turn it out just for that extra 'woah-look', always remember to grease your mould well. When just removed from the refrigerator, let it sit in hot water for 20secs or so and loosen up the edges with thin blade knife and gently flip it.

I'm pretty lazy to even dread on about my current life. It's pretty sickening and I vow this is my last year studying!!!! No more studying for me please....

Recipe as below and it makes 2 -1 cup capacity to serve 2 people. But I made these to serve 2 couples. Pretty sweet for Valentine's and for guys whom wanna impress their female spouse since it's pretty easy.

I reckon the only tough part about this is caramelizing the sugar.

Here we go:

450ml of fresh milk
2/3 cuppa white sugar
2 tbsp of water
2 whole eggs of any size will do actually
2 extra egg yolks for the extra creaminess
1/2 tsp of good quality vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 170°

Generously grease 2 oven safe cups each of 1 cup capacity and set aside into a larger roasting pan (Yes, we'll be doing a water bath!).

Use 1/3 cuppa sugar from the 2/3 cup and place it in a non-stick milk pot.
Add 2 tbsp of the water into the pan and swirl it.

Caramelize it over medium low heat until sugar turns a dark amber rich colour.
It is okay to swirl the pan but never never stir it.

Quickly pour out the caramelized sugar into the greased cups evenly and scrap every last bit from the pot with a silicone spatula.

Swirl the cups so it coat the sides of the cup as well.

No worries bout the hardened sugar and thinking you'll have a hard time scrubbing your pot!
Pour in all the fresh milk in to the same pot and scald it until you see steam escapes profusely from the surface of the milk. Remove from heat.

Stir well so all the leftover caramel is thoroughly infused into milk.

Now, le it cool a lil while you whisk together the remaining 1/3 cuppa sugar with the whole eggs, the egg yolks and the vanilla. Whish until sugar sorta dissolves.

Temper the egg mixture with the milk mixture.

Strain the mixture through a tea strainer to catch any scrambled eggs and pour the smooth velvety egg mixture into the carameled cups evenly (the caramels are probably harden when you pour in the egg mixture but it doesn't matter, don't freak out!)

Pour boiling water into rasting pan until it comes halfway up the cups and send it straight into the preheated oven for 30mins or until set when pierced through with a knife at the centre.

Remove from oven and cool down to room temperature. Chill in the fridge until set (I did 4 hours). Serve straight or do the fancy thing.

And here comes the disaster when you wanna do fancy thing and forgot to grease your mould:

Good nigth everyone and enjoy the sugar rush!

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