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Zebra cake

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is one cake that I always get wow with. The wow factor lies in the layering. Just call it a marble cake if you fail in achieving the zebra stripes. I have on many occasions successfully replace the whole eggs used in this recipe with equal amount of egg whites and they look even better. Very white and very black, even more like zebra stripes. There was this peak period when ice-cream making was an everyday task hence all the accumulated egg whites!

I baked this on an occasion to farewell myself in my part time workplace. That was last year before flying to Adelaide. My colleagues, especially Andrew loves it! This is not too sweet and they remain moist for a couple of days.

The high oil and liquid (which is milk here) keeps it moist. I suppose one can substitute the oil with butter to get a more fragrant cake. I've not tried it yet though. As you could see in the picture above, on many occasions, this is the only time I fail to get it perfectly symmetrical. It was a little off centre but does not affect the stripes inside.

You can leave the pattern as it is or run a skewer on the top surface of the cake only to get a more complex looking pattern.

This is a good recipe all in all. I got the recipe here, by Farida. I didn't follow the layering techniques though. I started off with 3 tbsp batter on each colour, reducing to 2 tbsp batter each when you're only left with half batter. Finally reduce to 1 tbsp batter each when you have very little left towards the ending. Jo's Deli prefer to start and end the batter with plain batter instead of cocoa but I think it really doesn't matter.

Good luck in layering. Practice makes perfect!

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2 comments on "Zebra cake"

Anncoo on July 21, 2009 at 6:47 PM said...

This is perfect. I also made this before (check my blog), wonder we share the same recipe which I added almond powder in it.

Quinn on July 21, 2009 at 9:56 PM said...

haha, just hop over your blog and saw the cake.
It's a different recipe but I like how your's look more like zebra and is not off centred like mine!

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