Saturday, August 8, 2009

Angie's Deep-Fried Milk

Posted by Quinn at Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jeez....I really hope the image above will not put you off. I was first introduced to this dish from a Hong Kong TV show and I was rather impressed as to how one can fry milk. This is like fried ice-cream, that sorta thing. In this one, you make milk cubes with help of cornstarch to thicken it up so you can wrap it in the batter. I got the recipe from Angie's website and I encounter so many problems when making this. I didn't use the German flour, I use normal plain flour.

The tough part was the coating. There were too little milk. This is not a thin batter where you dip and drain and deep fry. This is a batter where you stretch them and get another person to place the 'milk cubes' in there and you quickly wrap up the milk cube and seal all seams.

The image above are those milk cubes after wrapping and below are the inconsistent size of milk cubes.

I did not cut them into cubes. When they were done on the stove, they were hardly pourable. I scoop them into mini muffin tray with holes and let it sit in the fridge until all firm up.

I serve mine with condensed milk drizzling. I think maple syrup would be very good too. This is totally not sweet at all on its own. If you were to ask me whether I'll make this again, NO, I will not. Deep frying is too troublesome.

Those still keen to try can see her other fried milk recipe here.

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