Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Frog Egg Drink

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Halloween this Saturday. In Malaysia, we don't do much celebration but I was supposed to have a Halloween themed birthday bash this year but it's called off because I'll be having a take-home exam this Friday and it's a freaking 4 days 3 nights take-home exam!

I guess Halloween could be just a simple celebration with some gross-looking things and enjoy a horror movie or two on the couch. Made this frog egg drink. I know it's not quite like frog egg nor frog spawn but this is the best I could make with stuffs readily available in my pantry.

If only I could find basil seeds or biji selasih as that's what it's known as in Malay. Basil seed totally looked like frog spawn when cooked! In Malaysia, basil seed could be commonly found in ABC or Ice Kacang and Rosewater syrup drink. I think I could find basil seeds in Adelaide, I haven't try though.

This one is easy peasy. Cook 1 tbsp of sago the Precious Moment way. I always did and all my sgao pearls turn translucent. Drain it and pour it into a tall Martini glass. Top up with any juice you like. I've used apple cranberry juice off the shelf. To give it the halloween effect, run a wooden skewer dipped in red food colouring and dribble it over the juice. It should look something like below:

There you have it. Your supposedly gruesome but delicious Halloween drink of frog egg and creepy juice to serve up to your ghoulish guest. Have fun!

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2 comments on "Halloween Frog Egg Drink"

Anonymous said...

Hi Quinn! You can find those basil seeds from the asian shops. Good substitute though with them sago pearls =)


Quinn on October 31, 2009 at 10:45 PM said...


Yeap, housemate, Sammi told me that already but I wanna buy raw ones not those cooked and soaked in sugar syrup. Might have to do a little finding for that.

Reason, simply because I don't like the idea of cooked stuffs being on the shelves for too long!

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