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A blogosphere meet up in KL?

Posted by Quinn at Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PP/S: Update!!!! We have 8 people so far and I think 8 is a good number, very prosperous. The 8 of us could mingle well among ourselves and get to know each other better! Sorry but I don't think I'll welcome any more people! Cheers! Email me for updates!

P/S: Update!!!! 27 February 2010, Saturday is the magic day! Lemme know if anyone can't make it! As for venue, we've suggestions from potluck to lunch buffet though I quite like the buffet idea! Will keep everyone updated!!!

I don't know if it's possible and I thought I was crazy until I saw Gertrude's post here. I've been going around stalking people through their email, some of them include Zurin, Petite Nyonya, Gertrude, Pei-Lin and Tracie so far, bribing them to meet by lugging things back from Australia for them for free! And yeah, everyone said yeah why not (Jeez....I hope you guys really mean it and want to meet up!)

So, let's make it a gathering. It would be good if anyone could offer a house to host it and we do like a sorta potluck thing. My house is too small. We have a maid to clean up but trust me, my mum would be furious! And let's just keep all our own details a secret (unless already made public previously!) and meet up! It's gonna be one helluva blogger party!

And if that's not possible, we could choose a place and everyone meet up. Just include lotsa food please, it's a food bloggers party for God's sake! And any other suggestions would be so welcomed. Let's brainstorm together and make it possible alrighty?

As for the date, maybe we could all just tell each other how long we will be in KL. I'll be in KL from 7 Feb till 7 March. And Chinese New Year is around the corner as well, I'd suggest sometime after Chinese New Year since most of us are Chinese (no racism tone here please, Satu Malaysia!).

I know I'm crazy and I can't believe I'm typing this but hey, I really wanna make it possible and put all of you to reality. I started this blog with only strangers coming here. None of my friends knew of my blogs existence simply because I was too shy. But I'd love to meet all you strangers who commented here and drop by and said hi to me.

Please, talk to me. Good night!

P/S: All food bloggers are more than welcome really, especially those close to KL, like from Singapore. A handful that I know would be Edith, HoneyBeeSweets, Ju, Ellena, Yochana, WokkingMum, Anncoo, Grace, HHB , Jane, and I'm sorry if I miss some out. I just cannot recall many now but I do hop by your blogs!!!!

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15 comments on "A blogosphere meet up in KL?"

Anonymous said...

If you are trying to generate more readership and more visitors on your blog by doing this, try harder. Other people have better things to do than meeting up strangers.

Anonymous said...

the 1st annon is such a kill-joy, best to ignore it! I think its a fun and great idea and can't wait to read more about it.

Gertrude on January 12, 2010 at 12:20 PM said...

Since we will be in KL around the same time it will be great to fix a day to meet up. Hopefully other bloggers are keen to join in :)

Anonymous said...

How great is the idea to round up everyone in KL for a meet up. Unfortunately I won't be in KL next month. Otherwise, I will definitely keen to catch up with all of you.

tracieMoo on January 12, 2010 at 7:27 PM said...

I would love to meet up if you don't mind a kid on board! hehe.. :D
And ofcourse it's not a crazy idea Quinn. I'm glad you have the time to meet us up even though you'll only be in KL for one month time! I'll reply to your email with details soon. Got a report to catch up with :( Thanks for inviting :D

petite nyonya on January 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM said...

I'd love to meet up and meet all of you. How about giving ourselves a day off from cooking and go for a really nice buffet? Just a suggestion.

Dodol & Mochi on January 12, 2010 at 10:32 PM said...

Dear Quinn,

First of all, you're sane! This is such a brilliant idea! Please don't be too harsh on yourself! LOL!

I'd love to meet up with you all. Having such get-together really does realize our friendships!

I'll email you back in details soon. In the meantime, I'll ask around to see if there's a place that can accommodate us all. As much as we'd like to have the potluck at our place, it's not possible due to space limitation. Sorry!

I'll catch up with you soon. I've gotten both your mails. Take care, yea?

Love from KL,

Cuisine Paradise on January 12, 2010 at 11:52 PM said...


This sounds fun and exciting..... em...but too bad i can't join in your "party" as in KL... em.... mb i can make an excuse to plan a trip there with litle rey hor.. hahaha.... :p

Quinn on January 13, 2010 at 12:13 AM said...

1st anonymous: What is your problem? Looking at the response from my email, I think people so love to meet up. Too bad for you!

2nd anonymous: Thank you and yeah, that was a kill-joy! I'm so excited about this whole thing too really!

Gertrude: Thanks for responding and yeah, let's meet up!!!!

Ellie: Awww....I wish I could see Bourdain!!! and cute Little Miss C!

Tracie: A kid??? Hmmm, underage might need parents' permission, hahaha!

Petite Nyonya: I totally welcome suggestions. Apart from potluck, a buffet sounds good. Hopefully a no time limit one and we can catch up with each other longer. Any suggestion for place?

Pei-Lin: That sounds great!!! Love from Quinn!!!!

Ellena: Come, come join us!!!! This is totally not limited to Malaysians only! All food bloggers who can make it to KL are invited! And I can finally see Little Reyon!!!!

Dodol & Mochi on January 13, 2010 at 11:01 AM said...

Hey, a quick one here ...

When you mean "potluck," you mean like each of us brings some food over to share at the table, right? You want to hire caterer!? That would be such a shame then ...


Quinn on January 13, 2010 at 12:17 PM said...


Yeap, when I said potluck that's what I meant. I've update the post, check it out again. A few of us would prefer lunch buffet instead cuz we simply wanna pamper ourselves!

I don't know, nothing is confirmed yet except for the date which is still changeable but I'd have to let Elinluv know ahead because she's from Ipoh. She's in!

Passionate About Baking on January 15, 2010 at 12:10 PM said...

Hi Quinn,
Thanks for inviting us from Sgp too! I'm glad you have formed your group of 8 now. Can't make it during that period. If you come down to Sgp, don't forget to look us up. Will wait for your blog post on your bloggers gathering! Cheers!

Quinn on January 15, 2010 at 11:16 PM said...

If I come down to Singapore, I'll definitely look for you all! I've seen that you all do organize a party in Gina's place. Sounds like a great deal of fun!

Aimei on January 21, 2010 at 2:42 AM said...

It was my sis-in-law has been raving about your blog and i'm she'll be so happy if she can meet up with you. lol... too bad we are in Singapore... can't go to KL. :)

Quinn on January 21, 2010 at 1:02 PM said...

Thanks for dropping by AiMei. Which one's your sis-in-law??? Yeah....hopefully I'll be going Singapore in near future!

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