Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peach Melba

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I was very ecstatic when Ivy, a journalist with The Star Newspaper approached me for my opinion regarding an article they are planning to write on. It is for an article which comes with a theme and will be published every Monday in a cooking column of the paper. The coming up theme was set to be canned food and Ivy would love to hear what is my favourite canned food dish and why. Here's what I have to say:

My favourite canned food would have to be canned peaches. The celestial combination of peaches with both sweet and savoury dishes will have you yearning for more.From savoury dish such as Chicken Confit with Peach Purée to sweet things in life such as Peach tart, canned peaches definitely capture the essence of summer, albeit it being winter here Down Under!

The link is found here and below is a clip form the paper itself.

On top of that, I am also posting this easy and an all-time Aussie-French favourite recipe with canned peaches. This is Peach Melba and Wikipedia has a good write-up on the history of this dish. In a nutshell, a 118 years ago, a French Chef named Auguste Escoffier who works for the London's Savoy Hotel, created a dish known as the Peach Melba. He was very much inspired to do so after seeing the Australian soprano, Dame Nellie Melba, perform in Covent Garden. It is also fun to know that January 13 is National Peach Melba Day in the States.

The Peach Melba is nothing more than poached peaches served with good scoops of vanilla ice cream and a good raspberry coulis. The colour combination is so vibrant and yet the flavour comes through so well. Escoffier definitely executed this dessert well.

This is my version and instead of just poaching peaches, I've chosed to used canned peaches and infused it in a thyme-vanilla syrup. Not very original but this is how I like it. I added a touch of lemon juice because I felt the sudden acidic punch would bring out a burst of flavour from the tart raspberry and sweet golden peaches. I also made a French Vanilla Ice Cream to pair with it. You can use store-bought stuffs but I really just like making things from scratch. However, canned peaches is the only thing I always have in my pantry. Maybe I just don't like the idea of poaching and peeling stuffs. I hate peeling peaches and tomatoes, for some reasons. Yes, I know I have issues!

Anyway, feel free to tweek the recipe, you can add in a good splash of dessert wine such as Moscato or something stronger such as Cabernet Sauvignon and omit the water. For those with real sweet tooth, feel free to add more sugar but I've used the canned syrup to poach so it is sweet enough for me. Finally, a classic Peach Melba should be serve with dollops of ice cream in a glass, with peach slices or peach halves scattered on top and the whole lot dribbled with raspberry coulis but on this occasion, for better presentation and photo purpose, I've chosed to plate it the way I think it will look presentable. Feel free to play around, it is in no way affecting the taste, though I believe people always eat with their eyes first.

Peach Melba
(makes enough to serve 2 to 3 people as an after meal dessert)

One punnet of fresh raspberries (120g)
One canned peaches in syrup (450g)
1/2 vanilla bean (you could use 1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste instead)
2 tbsp castor sugar
1/4 cup water or wine
1/2 cup of peach syrup from the can
1/2 a small lemon
1 small sprig of lemon, juiced
1 tbsp castor sugar
Softly whipped Cream, to serve (optional)
French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, to serve

Place the water, peach syrup, lemon and its juice and the sprig of thyme in a small pot with a lid. Scrap the seeds from the vanilla pod with a tip of a small sharp knife and place the scraped seeds and the pod into the pot as well. Bring it to a gentle boil over medium heat. When boiling, let it cook for a minute or two and remove it from heat. Drain the peaches completely of its syrup and place it into the pot. Cover with the lid and let it infuse for 30mins or so, flipping it once in a while and giving the whole pot with lid on a good shake to coat the peaches with the flavoured syrup.

Drain the peaches and reserve the liquid. Use 2 tbsp of the reserved liquid and blitz with the punnet of raspberries using a food processor until fine puree form. Pass it through a strainer to obtain a smooth puree. The word Coulis means 'Strained Liquid' in French so do not skip this step!

To assemble, arrange the peaches in 2 or 3 serving glasses. Dribble each glass with a tablespoon of the reserved poaching syrup. Top off with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of the raspberry coulis.

You can choose to fold the raspberry coulis with the cream lightly to create a ripple effect else just the coulis by itself will not be too tart too but I always try to incorporate as much dairy as possible in my diet, just cuz I like it.

Ivy, thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be featured in my very own local newspaper in Malaysia. A large part of me feels very homely and another part of me feels amazing to be able to talk about food in such distinguished paper. Just so you all know, Ivy also blogs about food at

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Matcha and White Chocolate Panna Cotta

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I first saw the Matcha Madness event from Ann's blog here. She made a gorgeous looking cheesecake.

I feel like I wanna be part of it simply to show my love for everything Matcha too. The flavour and aroma from Matcha powder is simply enough to have me dunk my finger in and lick it just like that.

I've developed this Matcha and White Chocolate Panna Cotta recipe, enough to serve one or two people. It is very rich as I've used purely dairy cream here. I like how the bitterness of the Matcha layer cuts through the sweetness of the white chocolate layer. The flavour of the white chocolate was dominantly present too and does not overpower the Matcha layer. I have also added a small amount of lavender buds and vanilla bean for flavouring. I love how they both leave a slight perfumed smell on my panna cotta, the flavour of the lavender comes through towards the end and is left lingering in your mouth for a while followed by the vanilla.

If you wanna try something wobbly for dessert, this made ahead panna cotta would do it for you to impress.

Matcha & White Chocolate Panna Cotta
(Makes enough to fill 1 or 2 Martini glasses, depending on size)

1/2 tsp gelatine powder
1 tbsp milk
2/3 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp castor sugar
1/4 vanilla bean, seeds scraped with a thin blade knife
1 tsp lavender buds, organic and food grade ones
1 tsp good quality Matcha powder
20g good quality white chocolate, chopped smallish

Sprinkle gelatine powder over the 1 tbsp milk and set aside to swell a bit. In a small milk pot, combine the heavy cream, castor sugar, lavender buds vanilla seeds and the pod. Bring it to a gentle simmer over low heat until you see small bubbles appearing from the sides. Remove it from the heat and whisk in the gelatine paste. Run your finger through the mixture and feel if there's any undissolved gelatine. If it's smooth, skip the straining process. Roughly divide the mixture into two equal parts. Add the 1 tsp Matcha powder to one part and the chopped white chocolate to another part. Layer into serving glasses and chill overnight or a good several hours. Dust with Matcha powder upon serving

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winter Comfort Food: Apple Crumble

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My life, it's been pretty interesting...I went over to see Aaron in Perth and spent 4 days there...He is not coming back to Adelaide end of this month. He is in Dubai now, and will be there for 2 months or so. I've came to knew about this a while back but just needed more time for myself...But, it's all good now....I flew to Perth on the 16th and came back to Adelaide on the 19th. As if that is not enough, I hop on the plane again on the 20th for my sister's graduation in Brisbane. It's a last minute decision but you only live once so do what the heart says. I hate procrastinating. My folks and my youngest sis came over too and it was a good surprise for my folks....shocked because they didn't expect to see me there but like I said, it's a good surprise... Love the family reunion! Just got back yesterday and am loving every single quiet moments alone here....

Also, before I forget, my manual generator picked Drew as the winner for the CSN Giveaway. Congratulations Drew and sorry to the rest. Like I said previously, I sincerely do hope I can pick all of you. Drew, we felt you're the one that needed it the most because you're giving and not just taking, to not only your child but many other children as well and the GC would be in good use by you. We've both had a friend's friend whom is an autistic as well and it really isn't easy to cope with. Good luck and thanks for participating!

It's getting colder now and I couldn't think of anything else that is more comforting than apple crumble. Apple crumble, my kind of comfort food....I had this for lunch and I cannot tell you how easy it is to make apple crumble. Seriously, anyone who can't bake or never make desserts before can make apple crumble. Bought a bag of apples for charity only to realise 20cents out of the 4 dollars bag will be donated to McGrath Foundation. I know apples are good for you but I can't bring myself to eat them. I don't like munching on them raw. I like cooked fruits. They taste better, so I couldn't help but make crumble, something so classical, so comforting and perfect in a bowl that fits perfectly in my hand and I dig in with a spoon, sit on my couch and watch Masterchef....That is the most comforting thing to me right now.... So here, I have used Pink Lady. Why use Granny Smith when you need to use more sugar to reduce the tartness?

My apples were really small, weighing 80g in average. So I've used two of them here. Feel free to use one large apple if you wish. Note, this makes enough to serve two for dessert. I only cook for myself and my only other housemate, that's why.

Peel the apples and remove the cores and diced them smallish. Toss in 1/2 tbsp castor sugar, 1 tbsp Sultanas and a pinch of cinnamon.

Toss them around and combine them really well. Place them into 2 small serving bowls or ramekins. I love these new ramekins bowls of mine, just 2 dollars each, it's microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Go look in antique shops, you never know what special things you'll find in there.

I don't cook my apples or poached them before hand. I know some recipes ask you to do so but trust me on this one, you don't need to. Also, don't use those canned apples. Seriously, how much can apples cost and they just don't taste the same if you use canned apples. This is simplicity at its taste, you don't wanna skimp on ingredients.

Another bowl, 2 tbsp plain flour or wholemeal flour or even self-raising flour if that's what you have. It doesn't matter, see how forgiving it is??? Chop in say 20g of butter. I know....looks like a lot of butter for that amount of flour but wait and see...besides, too much butter can do no harm, it just makes everyone happier :)

Use fork, potato masher or fingers but don't use a food processor just for this tiny weeny amount. You'll wash more stuffs and what's the point? We wanna go all rustic and whatever that can be done by hand, we do it. It's therapeutic, remember? That's about how you crumble and you stop.

Now, you toss in 1.5 tbsp dark brown sugar, 2 tbsp rolled oats and 2 tbsp crumbled walnuts. Mix and toss them really well. Scatter them on top of the apples and don't press them, just scatter and cover the top completely.

That's about how it should look like. I love them, they smell great at this point already. Did I also mention, you need to crank up your oven to 180°C and let it heat up until you need it.

I am already loving how this look before baking, I dare not imagine after baking! Seriously, apple crumble is so versatile, you don't have to use walnuts and rolled oats if you don't want to. You can use nutmeg, dessicated coconuts or even almond meal, your choice. Just play around with flavours. Sometimes I do apple and berry crumble if I have that in hand. Bake the apple crumble for 15- 20mins until the toppings are golden brown....

There. Beautiful looking and they shrink a little bit after cooking. It's perfect because there's enough room for just a beautiful scoop of vanilla ice cream to sit on top.

And so you scoop a large dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of each crumble and you serve it warm.... The cold ice cream and the warm apple crumble when eaten together, is absolutely fantastic and absolutely divine.

The vanilla ice cream is adapted from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. Call me a Tessa Kiros freak if you like. The recipe uses whole egg instead of just egg yolks. So rich and creamy I would never wanna make any other ice cream. And very simple too....

A little bit of everything eaten every mouthful, isn't this your perfect comfort food? See the picture below.The apples when macerated with the sugar and cooked in the oven will draw out natural juices from the apples, so sweet and syrupy and you get the hint of cinnamon after that.

You really don't need to poach it. The apples now are just firm and holds its shape, not mushy but when you bite into it, it just breaks up nicely. Love Pink Lady apples, they don't have this powdery feeling to your mouth after being turned into mush. Some apples do.

Apple crumble, if the pictures here do not lure or prompt you to make some, I don't know what else could. And you might be really busy from now on because all they ask for dessert from now on will be nothing else but these apple crumble all the time, trust me!

p/s: Jess and Edith, I've picked up the awards meant for me. If you're reading this, a million thanks to you guys again for thinking I'm worth it!

Jess@Bakericious passed me the 'Stylish Blogger Award' and ' A Blog with Substance Award' to me.

Edith@PreciousMoments passed me the 'Sunshine Award'. Jess and Edith, I think I'll make this a leaf node in the tags spanning across the blogosphere. In a quick 5 mins Google, it looks like most bloggers that I have known and those that I have not already known have already been tagged, and I'm not going to spread the contagion outside the organization further :)

Good night....

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

CSN Store Giveaway

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If you've not heard of CSN stores by now, you're really living out of the sticks. So many bloggers alike have done many giveaways for so many 'lucky-you' out there and CSN finally approached me. I always thought this is nothing but merely another advertising stunt and I have told myself I wanna keep this page ad free. But when you have good things in life, why not share it? Besides, the ad is generating me some revenue enough to keep this page going. It's a win-win situation so I decided to not be so stuck-up and stubborn and benefit myself, benefit you all and benefit CSN.

You need a new dining room makeover, yes you do. I thought I don't need any until I browsed their page and I chance upon some of the more interesting items below that I'd like to share with you all....

How about a dining room set with table stand made of Birchwood that's made durable? I would so love my dining room to look like that, not cluttery, design kept simple and it's simply elegant. I know, you're probably thinking what if you wanna throw a party and there's so little chair???

Because if you ask me, I will say I will throw all parties outdoor. It's awesome, you get to soak your feet in the sun, underneath a shady patio umbrella like above. Isn't it wonderful? Life is amazingly good! And you don't have to worry about kids dirtying your precious carpet or that they don't have enough room to run around. An outdoor party would be the answer!

Apart from that, check out this awesome Kitchen Island Cart. You know, I might just do away with the rollers easily and have it stationed permanently in the kitchen. The surface would make a good kneading and rolling-out-pastry surface and I'll probably not put my precious Tessa Kiros there but rather all my baking tools. It's gonna be great and I never have to worry about forgetting something and have to go take it or so forth because everything is just within reach!

And when I have guests over for dinner, I would serve them food from my best China. Let it be one or two or more guests, CSN has everything you need for your perfect dining room.

You can also organise a Christmas in July Party here and wow your crowd with these Old Britain Pink Castle Christmas Set, adds to the festive and the colour!

Or pull out your best English Tea Set and make some scones to serve along your favourite Chai.

Like any of the above? I don't wanna make up your mind for you so I'm gonna be really practical and do a giveaway for an $80 voucher up for grab. Buy what you like and browse all you like and pick the favourite of the lot, though I assure you that is going to be a real tough challenge!

I don't do Facebook and I don't do Twitter and like every other blog, this giveaway is only open to USA and Canada readers only. Look, I am truly sorry about this but it's not up to me to decide and I figure I'd benefit some of my USA and Canada readers rather than not benefiting anyone. Hopefully more giveaways in future alright? Pinky promise...

All you need to do is to leave a comment here in this post. I'm gonna be away for a bit and so you have time from now till the Sunday, 25 July 2010, local Adelaide Time. I won't be picking by random, instead Aaron and I will go through the comments and pick out the one we think is the most deserving one. Just tell us why you really want this $80 voucher and what will you desperately buy with it! We'll announce the one-and-only lucky winner the following day!

I hope all of you win but like I said, there's only one voucher up for grab so all I can do is to wish you the best of luck. I'll see you when I'm back!

This giveaway is proudly sponsored to you by CSN Stores.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coffee Creme Caramel

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This is adapted from Tessa Kiros's fourth book, Piri Piri Starfish. I've been using this book pretty frequently lately. A lot of cooking calls for Chorizo and I am loving the spicy sausage taste. While Aaron is away, I didn't cook enough to make a proper savoury meal for myself. But I did make a lot of desserts and this coffee creme caramel was made for breakfast. It has coffee, egg and milk in it. I was imagining myself eating scrambled egg on toast with a glass of milk and a dreamy bitter coffee. I think it fits the bill for breakfast and is very easy to pull together.

It doesn't make a lot and you can leave it in the fridge for up to a week. Just tip it out when you would like to have one and as you pass the fridge and couldn't resist the urge to dig in.

Coffee Creme Caramel

(makes enough to fill up 8 moulds of 100ml capacity each

For the caramel:
1/2 cup (100g) castor sugar
1 tbsp Port or Whisky

For the custard: 450ml milk
1/4 cup (60ml) strong espresso coffee
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 cup (50g) castor (superfine) sugar
A few drops of vanilla extract

To make the caramel, tip the sugar into a heavy-based non-stick pan over medium heat and add a tablespoon of water. Heat it up, stirring, until the sugar starts to melt, then tilt the pan to swirl it around- don't stir anymore or the sugar will crystallise. Brush down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to stop the sugar reforming on the side. Carry on heating and swirling a few times until all the sugar has melted and turned deep golden caramel brown. Stir in the port, watching out for it spitting. Pour into your moulds, swirling so the caramel covers the bottoms. Put the moulds into a large roasting tin and leave to cool while you make the filing. Preheat the oven to 160°C.

To make the custard, heat the milk in a saucepan just to boiling point, then whisk in the coffee and remove from the heat. Whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla together very lightly, just enough to incorporate the sugar but not enough to make it froth. Add a ladleful of the hot milk to the eggs, whipping to acclimatise them, then pour in all the hot milk and stir together. Pour into the moulds.

Pour boiling water into the roasting tin halfway up the sides of the moulds and lift into the oven.Bake for 40 minutes or until the custard is set.

Leave to cool then cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. These are best eaten the next day, when the caramel has dissolved a bit and the custard has firmed up.To turn out, press down with your fingers in gentle dancing piano movements all around the edges of the custards to loosen them from the moulds. Shuffle or shake the mould quite roughly, hold a plate firmly over the top and flip it all over. If the custard refuses to plop out, dip the bottom of the mould in hot water for just a very few seconds. Serve with ever-so-lightly sweetened whipped cream or just plain.

Serve 6-8

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Salted Butter Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse

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I wanna start off by telling you all where I get these glasses. I was on Qantas Airway and I saw they use these glasses to serve wines to passengers. They're pretty good stuffs, we Australians hate drinking liquors from plastic cups. And they are so small , just over 1/3 cup capacity per glass. I didn't exactly smuggled them, I asked a very cute air-steward if I can bring these home with me because I collect props for my photography and these are money-can't-buy good stuff. He asked me how many do I want and I said two if possible and he said 'be-right-back' and walked off. And he graciously came back with two of these lovely glasses for me....And said they're complimentary from Qantas and they're even dishwasher safe. How awesome is that??? So if you like these glasses, the next time you fly, choose Qantas and you'll get them for absolutely nothing! I hop on the plane a lot, I hope you do too....I spent more hours in the plane then back in Malaysia this year...

These are adapted from Helen of Tartelette. They are like what the title says, mousses in three different flavours, layered together in a small glas, finished off with more Dutch Cocoa Powder and a pinch of salt. I've used Murray River Pink Salt Flakes. They're lovely, dissolved right in your mouth and blend so well with the caramel and the chocolate layer. I am so loving salt in my chocolates now! Not too much, just a pinch and I felt it brings out the flavour of both the caramel and the chocolates better.

I quarter her recipe and made enough to layer into two of these small glasses perfectly. Below is my version and what I've used, apart from the gelatine and sugar content, everything else is practically the same. But I like how they can be made into small portions so easily. One for lunch and one for dinner, these are my main meals for now. Sugar rush keeps me happy and keeps me full so it's gonna be like that for a while....

Salted Butter Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse
(serves 1-2)

For the caramel:
2 tbsp castor sugar
1/2 tbsp water
1/8 teaspoon Murray River Pink Salt Flakes
1 tbsp thickened cream
1/2 teaspoons unsalted butter

Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Continue to cook until caramel in color. Things happened very quickly here, if it is turning too brown, quickly remove from heat and shock over ice bath. When you see an amber colour of caramel, remove it from the heat and add the salt, heavy cream and butter. Stir with a wooden spoon until completely smooth and let it cool completely to room temperature.

For the chocolate:
30g dark semisweet chocolate (I use Lindt's 85% Cocoa Content)

Melt the chocolates in a microwave or use a Bain-Marie if you like but it's just 30g of chocolates. Cool it to room temperature. It should be flowy when needed.

For the vanilla mousse base:
1 large egg yolk
1 tbsp castor sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/8 tsp vanilla bean paste
1tsp gelatine powder, sprinkled over 2 tbsp cold water
1/4 cup thickened cream

In a small bowl, whisk the egg yolk and the castor sugar until very pale. Scald the milk in a milk pot and acclimatize it with the creamy yolk mixture, whisking vigorously while tempering. P
our the mixture back into the milk pot over medium low heat and cook until the cream coats the back of a spoon and thickened slightly. Constant stirring is required else you'll get scrambled eggs at the bottom of the pot. Turn off the heat and add the softened gelatin paste and whisk until it is completely dissolved into the cream. Cool that to room temperature before use.

While that is happening, whip the heavy cream with the vanilla bean paste to soft peaks and fold it into the cooled cream base. Divide the base into three equal portions. One portion that stays untouched will be your vanilla mousse layer.

To assemble, fold in one part of the base into the cooled caramel and mix until well combined. This is your salted butter caramel mousse layer. Pour that into your serving glasses and freeze for 5mins. Pour the plain base (your vanilla mousse) over the caramel mousse and freeze 5 mins again. Finally, mix the last part of the base with the melted but cooled, flowy chocolate and pour it into the glasses. This is your chocolate mousse layer. Chill overnight, covered with plastic wrap.

Upon serving, give it a light dusting if cocoa powder and a pinch of salt flakes and serve.

Add a couple of tablespoons of the base to the caramel to lighten it a bit and stir with a spoon. Gently fold the rest of the alloted mousse base into the caramel with a spatula.
Do the same for the chocolate portion.
Layer all three parts evenly into dishes or ramekins and refrigerate for an hour.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The last dessert: Oreo Truffles on Stick

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He is gone....Aaron is gone. This is the last dessert he ate made by me before he left. He's in Perth, and he will be there for a solid one month or more. But after that, his job will have him based in Adelaide so we're doing another six months contract with our landlord before we move out to a place where we could call home. But for now, I'd prefer a shared house like this.

When I bake to distress myself, I have people to share with me. In return, we sometimes cook together and share food. I love sharing, it makes me feel warm. I hate being alone....I never knew I'd be so reliant of Aaron. Apparently, as time goes by and all the nomading around, we have just a small handful of friends. It's horrible to not have your family with you at such stage of your life and now your partner is gone and you are left with little friends.

These are chocolate coated Oreo truffles. It's basically cream cheese and finely crushed Oreo biscuits blended together. I don't know how others can make theirs so dark but I use 125g cream cheese and 8 pieces of whole Oreo biscuits, including the cream. And yet they are just greyish like but that's all I have left. These are made from leftovers from my Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, both the Oreo biscuits and the cream cheese. You can choose to coat them in milk chocolate or white chocolate for a better contrast in colour. I did half half each and place remaining melted chocolates into a piping bag and just pipe random stripes on the dried 'Oreo Truffles on Stick'.

I hate myself for always having issues with Aaron when he was around. I felt we didn't appreciate each other enough. I shed tears when I sleep every night when I think about him being away from me. I hate how his room felt when I step in to tidy it, cold and quiet. I hate how I cannot share my cosy bed with anyone else. I hate how weak I am.

I'm taking over Aaron's part-time, doing a waitressing job in a restaurant 5 minutes away from my house. The pay is relatively good and I'm glad I'm bringing money in while waiting. Did I mention, to walk to work, you have to walk through this huge park and everything gets dark at 4pm because it's winter now. Every time I walk home from work, I run across the park. I'm terrified at the thoughts about how a handful of people tell me it's not safe to walk across the park at night and so forth....I run and run and run until I safely reach home. With my takeaway, a quick shower and eating dinner at 11:30pm....No, it doesn't feel good at all but I am happy Aaron started work already and is living very comfortably in Perth, he has plenty of friends there. I'd never have to worry and he'd never miss me when he has friends. I am very happy as long as he is happy.

It's always like that...when he has friends with him to hang out, he calls you thrice a day and then the call slowly dwindled to one and to none if you don't call him. I know we can never do a long distance relationship because of issues like that, don't talk about test of faith. Anyway, he's just too busy and occupied with work and has no time for anything else. He just gets home after work, dinner, shower and calls me and sleep. I feel for him....I know he is tired but I can't do anything to help him... I'm just having mixed feeling right now...I really don't know what I'm babbling. It's like you have just popped fries with ice cream into your mouth, it's a yum-yuck feeling.

Sorry, I disgress. Back to the Truffles-on-Stick, as usual, I dried it on my colander just like my previous cake pops because I don't have styrofoam boxes. They work well but turning them from time to time helps in drying quicker.

Couldn't resist eating them while taking the pictures. These are best served chilled.

(makes 12 pops)

125g cream cheese
8 pieces whole Oreo biscuits, pulsed with the cream until very very fine
White Chocolate
Milk chocolate

Mix the cream cheese and finely crushed Oreos until combined and form 12 parts. Chill them until they are easier to manage and roll them in between your palms to form perfect balls. Freeze them while you get along melting both chocolates in separate cups. I microwave my chocolates first in ramekins (each of 1/2 cup capacity) and place them directly in a pan filled with simmering water. Just make sure you don't get water in the chocolates else they'll sizzle. My ramekins were small but high so it makes the dipping a lot easier and you need to use less chocolates and less leftovers.

Four ingredients are all you need to make these Oreo-pops, so easy to make and looks fantastically gorgeous! Make some!

p/s: I just wanna let you guys know that this whole one-month-in-Perth thingy happened a while ago so please, please, do not feel like you are obliged to console me and leave comments of encouragement. I never felt like the whole world is upon me and everyone owes me a fair share in life. I felt out of place to say so because kindness is never a necessity but you know, just in case, some of you out there, feel so, please don't be. You're fine. By now, we are both fine and I am a lot more settled, emotion-wise and when I wake up to not have him around every morning, that is the reality check.

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